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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

January 17, 2010

Sunday Snippets

It's Official!  
The Full Fledged REBEL is back - and with a vengeance.  It's a long story for another post.  I'll get back to it.  Suffice to say that Rebel is pretty pissed with me.  I haven't been "supportive" and a whole lot of other blah blah blah came out of her mouth today.   I believe that the only reason she is with the loser BF is because she doesn't WANT to live at home and he is her ticket - for now.    She is very angry and I think between the transplant and her parents separation she isn't handling things as well as she believes she is.  If I could figure out a way for her to get therapy I would make it happen immediately.   Her favourite line these days is "I am 21, an adult and don't have to tell you anything or pay any attention to what you say."  
This will turn into a rant if I don't let it go now.

The Loser BF has yet to pay me any rent money either.  I am supposed to be grateful that he cleaned the house for me - once.

On the other hand - I had a great trip to the US of A.  Very productive and my boss and I travel well together.  We got to know each other a little better and that is always a good thing. This was a 3 state, one district trip with touch downs or stops in Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Okay... not great shakes but it sounds good.
I forgot to thank the XSU for taking my dog.   I will drop off an email.   I think that secretly, XSU likes the little dog, but won't admit it.

We thought RJ was leaving for France on the 2nd of February - she doesn't leave until the 10th.  I have her for an extra week and a bit.  sigh.....

I am *really* looking forward to an empty house - and getting things in order and having peace and quiet.  All I want is to come home to a house that is clean, quiet and everything as I left it.


Rudy said...

everything as I left it doesn't necessarily equal clean for me LOL

As for the whole I'm an adult - yeah not until you are supporting yourself.

I don't see how BF is a ticket away from home... isn't he living there? owing rent and all, freeloading. neither of them are adults at the moment

the thing about therapy, as you know, is that they can't be dragged to it. it is a cooperative effort so if they don't decide to go....

hang in there. peace and quiet are just around the corner

Lily on the Road said...

"I am 21, an adult and don't have to tell you anything or pay any attention to what you say."

Well, fine, get your own place, pay your own bills, and look after your own medical expenses....REALLY!

At 21, I had the same, no. worse BA and wasn't allowed stick that somewhere and grow UP!!! You can't have both ways...

OMG, I just sounded like my mother! LOL...

MarieA said...

Yes this does sound confusing Rudy doesn't it. The BF is apparently looking for a place to live. What that means is Rebel is doing all the looking and taking on the responsibility for this. She can't sign a lease - she has no income and the BF has a sketchy credit history so if they are out by the end of the month as she claims it will be to move to yet another low end kind of scummy place that has been their history. Although he is the one with a full time mechanic's job - unless he manages to screw this one up - always a possibility. His past history doesn't bode well for future behavior.

And knowing my daughter, she will only put up with so much before she decides to pack it up again.

ANd again on the therapy notion - it's true - can't happen if she doesn't think she needs it. And on this one I can't suggest it to her father as he is as averse to the whole notion as she might be.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that she is back in full force. Sounds like it is time to draw your line in the sand. If she is 21, an adult and doesn't want to be accountable to you then it is time for her to pack up and move out. Now.

Loser is a Loser. But you knew that already. I hope Miss Rebel figures that out and soon.

I am happy to hear you had a great trip to the US of A and returned safely.

Maybe you need a countdown to peace and quiet on your blog, dear girlfriend.

love and hugs,
~ b