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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tale: In Which... Kate Toots!

Kate and Karl were at it again. Those two seemed to spend more time in bed than anywhere else in the house. It surprised them both. Karl just couldn't seem to keep his hands away from Kate. She melted at his touch. It always ended in passionate love making that made them both smile in contentment and delight.

Kate couldn't believe her luck. A man who would dive deep south and use his mouth in ways that would send her into spasms of intense orgasms the likes of which she had never experienced. Or if she had, she couldn't remember it being ever so good.

Last night, just as Karl was down mouth at the ready, Kate coughed. She had had a cold and the coughing had been unbearable. She was feeling a whole lot better but once in awhile, and usually when she was lying down, a cough escaped her. And this time, as the cough escaped .... Kate tooted. yes... she did. Mortified to say the least. She started to giggle. What was funnier was seeing Karl leap to his feet and clear the bed. She should have been offended but the thought of a toot going down his throat was enough to send her off into extreme laughter. At this point, Karl was at the other end of the bed howling as hard as she was.

To say that Kate and Karl haven't made love since, would not be a lie. Kate is still coughing. Karl has spent a fortune at the drug store coming home with every known cough remedy known in the western hemisphere doing his best to nurse Kate back to health.

August 22, 2011

Vacation Time

A quick note. On vacation after a week's worth of union conventioneering. Am now on R&R at the uncle's house out west and with The Beau. So far we are vacationing well together. Will let you in on the rest of the activities once this is all done.
I hear that Karl and Kate are also out and about. Another story from them next week. Sorry there won't be anything this week but a girl needs her R&R.
Back on Facebook at the end of the week before flying home.

August 10, 2011

13 on Thursday

Traveling with a man. 13 things before that happens!
1. The personal grooming. back at that again... bikini waxing, pedicure, cut and colour.
( This should also count for 2,3,4,5,6. But whatev
2. Decent undies. Gaining a tad of weight means shopping to ensure little things that fit the big thing behind me. roll eyes.
3. Can't hog the hotel vanity so must downsize on stuff. Just a little.
4. Change the password on the laptop. He won't be bringing his (doesn't own a laptop) and might want to call home. He doesn't need to know passwords. Yet. ( there are some things that remain personal)
5. PJs? Nightie? Both?
6. camera. We don't have any pictures of ourselves.
7 walking shoes. Hotel treadmill. ( sure Marie.... Sure....)
8. those mini single malt bottles. Been saving those for a rainy day and someone who appreciates them.
9. books to read. Regardless of who's in my bed. I still like to read.
10. GPS. I get lost. All the time. A good way to avoid potential disagreements. maybe
11. call a taxi to pick us up. He doesn't want to leave his precious little go kart at the park and fly. What ev And Rebel will have my car. Thank goodness for business travel and reimbursements for the $60 fare. if not more
12. a good sense of humour
13 flexibility can't be all my way this time...

Wordless Wednesday

August 09, 2011

Tuesday Tale: in which Kate & Karl get caught smoking

"What the hell?" The ringing sound was way out of place. Kate and Karl awoke to an incessant clang. They were at a friend's cottage sleeping practically outside, but really in a tiny guest cottage a few feet away from the main house.

It had been weeks since they'd been able to sleep together. No, probably months. Kate's daughter had not spent a weekend at her father's in that long time period creating difficulties for Kate and Karl having any "private time." They had been relishing their time together out in the wilds of nature with friends. Love making had taken a back seat to just sleeping with a gentle breeze blowing through the cottage.

And now, after a luxurious night cuddling together under a fluffy duvet, they were rudely awoken by of all things, a smoke alarm. And of course, neither of them were wearing pajamas as they weren't expecting to have to jump out of bed and do a runner!

"I'll go see what's going on with that thing," said Karl in a sleepy yet startled kind of voice. The smoke alarm was positioned up in the loft of the little guest cottage. As Karl climbed the ladder up to the loft, Kate thought, "Brian is going to be out of the house and coming down to see what's going on. I'd better find my pajamas."

While the smoke alarm was clanging away in that annoying way they do when there isn't actually any smoke anywhere, Kate rummaged through her bag looking for her pj's.

As she was springing into a pair of bottoms, sure enough, she heard Brian outside the door. " You two all right in there? What's going on?"

Kate was dressed at that point. She threw a t shirt and a pair of jockeys up into the loft at Karl then swung around and opened the door. "Beats me Brian. Karl is up in the loft trying to turn the thing off."

"Well, let me come in then and I'll go up and take care of it."
Karl retorted "it's okay Brian, I've got it under control."
"Sure ya do Karl, I can tell since the thing is killing my ears. l'm coming up."
"Really Brian - no need."
"Karl, take the battery out of the thing and I'll fix it later, okay"
"I know Brian, I just can't get the thing unhinged so I can get at the battery."
At this point Brian looked at Kate with something that said ," seriously, what's wrong with this guy?" and sighed, "Karl, I'll come up."
These two men were like ten year old bickering boys. The clanging seemed to be getting louder and louder. No doubt it was heard across the lake clear to the highway.

"Brian..... I DON'T have any clothes on, you DON'T need to come up here, okay?"

Brian looked at Kate, giving her a sly little smile - " I hope he figures this out soon. I'm going back to the house for now."
As he turned around to leave, blessed silence returned. All was once more tranquil with only the call of a loon in the distance. Karl came down from the loft, a battery in one hand and t-shirt and jockeys in the other. He got dressed and the two of them went into the main house.

"I sure don't know what you two were up to during the night" said Brian with an evil twinkle in his eye, "but Liz and I have decided to vote you in as hot couple of the year with that smokin performance."

August 07, 2011

On Exes and Passed on Partners...

I have been enjoying a lovely three day weekend. Ever since I started working a compressed work week - that is 9 loooooong days of 8 hours and 50 minutes equals every second Friday off - I have had a lot less feelings of stress and a whole lot more relaxation. I don't know why I didn't do this years ago.

The Beau and I are getting set for our vacation together. Not all fun though. I have one week at a union convention. My first. I'll see how I fit in with the activist crowd. It will be a civics lesson as well as a learning opportunity.

Week two entails the holiday part staying with my uncle and aunt and also visiting friends. The uncle is my mom's youngest brother. He's ten years ago, maybe 11 or 12 years younger than my mom. He's been married twice. My current aunt, his second wife is the same age as XSU. I have four cousins. Two by aunt #1 and two by aunt #2. My youngest cousin is in between my two girls in age. My oldest cousin is ten years younger than me. And I believe that my uncle is probably only a few years older than The Beau. Did I ever mention that The Beau is ten years older than me? The point here - with this cross of generations, it should be a good visit. The uncle can be a bit of a red neck but Beau can take care of himself and will be just fine.

The Beau had a barbecue of current and former neighbours this evening. One of the formers felt that Beau shouldn`t be seeing anyone. She seemed to be missing the passed on wife and felt some sort of loyalty towards her. Okay. I`m not trying to replace anyone or be something I am not. Apparently she had a lot to say on the subject until both Beau and one of the other neighbours who happens to know me, told her off a few months ago last time she was in town. All went well this evening. I met her this evening and she behaved, as did I. (seriously why wouldn`t I)

I occaisionally get weird vibes when Beau talks about his wife, but I don`t get too worried about it. She`s gone and can`t come back. I am me and he is good with that. And there is no competition or worry except about learning who we each other and how we are together.

Frankly with XSU around he`s probably got more to worry about than I do. Though I would NEVER entertain that notion. And if I ever do, any one has permission to smack me up the side of the head. Beau is pretty patient with my odd rant on whatever latest idiocy XSU has going on.

So this is the getting organized week. Big job - ensuring RJ doesn`t wreck my house while I am gone. I decided to ship the dog out to ensure he got attention as I just don`t trust that girl to look after him as well as I do.

August 04, 2011

13 on Thursday

13 damn Things I'm Thinking About

1. Damn car. Can't afford a new one, old one is costing a fortune. What to do what to do?

2. Damn kid. Refuses to help. I know I know... same old story. And she's living at home while going off to university. I think I'll ship her to her dad's for a few months and let him deal with her.

3. Damn other kid. Only calls me when she needs my car or my money. Both being regular occurrences

4. Damn XSU. Off on his two month vacation without any sense of responsibility. ON the other hand, said offspring regularly calling him for money too. That is a good thing.

5. Need a dog sitter for two weeks. Don't trust Offspring the Younger while I am away. Two possibilities, now that number one choice has a life and no time for my dog.

6. Damn thighs.... so much for the treadmill these past few months. Not getting enough usage. Got the treadmill and the man at the same time, and treadmill just not seeing any action. Too many tight capris and skirts are sending me a pret-tee strong message. See the eyes rolling?

7. Damn new washing machine. High Efficiency or not, it isn't working properly and the troubleshooting guide isn't helping me much at all. It stops working after the wash cycle when I do towels and bulky stuff. Must call Sears....

8. Damn carpet in my bedroom needs steam cleaning. It's summer. No steam coming out of this room for a while. Might have to settle for the Resolve instead.

9. Damn you Rogers cable. You cost a fortune. And I don't even get the Food Network. Never mind high def and a bazillion channels. Is there a Relationship channel yet. I wonder what would be on the channel. Break up movies, chick flicks. What else

10. Damn gel nails. I got rid of them. I`m having a tough time growing real nails. Never could. But the UV lights that cure the gels are causing melanomas on women, and frankly, I can live without that.

11. Damn! I really hate garbage day. I can handle pretty much anything about being a single woman again, but garbage day and mice in the house for different reasons are not things I enjoy!

12. Damn I should stop whinging and start enjoying instead.

13. Damn I have great friends who are wonderful to spend time with. I just need to do more of that.

August 02, 2011

Tuesday Tale: in which Kate & Karl are introduced

Kate and Karl had been "dating," if people their age did indeed date, for six months or so, when Kate informed Karl of a fundraising event she had to attend and wondered if he'd come with her.
"Of course Kate, I'd love to come with you," Karl responded ever so quickly when she asked.
"You'll have to wear a shirt with a collar and a tie," she noted.
"No!" Karl answered. "I haven't put on a tie since the day I retired. I hate them, I won't wear one."
"Listen Hon," he loved when she called him Hon, " it's formal, and a tie is a necessity. You really will need to wear one."
"Or what," he challenged.
"Or, very simply I will go without you. "
"You would do that?" he asked rather surprised by her answer.
Kate carefully told him, " Yes Karl, I will go with out you. A formal affair, is a formal affair, and the rest of the world might not care that you don't like ties, but if you're going with me, you have to put on a tie. Besides, a nice suit and tie, adds a couple of points to the package and can be.... exciting, if you know what I mean?"
She smiled at him in that way she had, and let the whole tie matter drop for the rest of the evening.
A couple of days passed and by the weekend, Kate figured she'd be going to the fundraiser without her man. As she walked along to Karl's place she thought about his stubbornness. It was legendary and frankly, she didn't think a tie was worth fighting about. But she believed in the dress code and this particular fundraised was practically black tie. She really wanted Karl to go with her, but if he wouldn't dress up, what could she do, expect go without him.

She arrived at Karl's and they made a bee line for his bedroom. It had been at least a week since they'd had time to make love and he ran with her up the stairs to the second floor. His touch was electric and she could barely contain herself as they tore their clothes off.
"Just give me a minute Hon," he whispered in her ear.
Kate lay down on the bed and waited not too patiently for Karl. Not more than a minute later he walked into the bedroom.
"All right," he said, "I'll wear the damn tie."
And indeed there was Karl. Wearing a lovely silky candy apple red striped tie and not a stitch else.