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May 14, 2010

In Hot Water - or not!

Rebel Junior and I arrived home last night and Rebel told me, "there's water in the basement." Looks like hot water tank is broken."
She didn't call me at work to tell me, she didn't bother trying to clean up any of the mess in the basement - her clothes lying all over the floor, nor did she think to ask her trusty BF to do something - anything!

But she's an adult she keeps telling me. Can you see me roll my eyes?

I was worried about all the crap on the floor of the basement. It's crap crap not good crap. So I wasn't overly freaked out.

I think I caught everything in good time. I called the Hunky Handyman who walked me through where the tap was to drain the tank, where to turn off the hot water and where to turn off the gas to the tank. No doubt there is a youttube video on this too.

I went and found Rebel's BF and asked him if he could tell me where the drain thingy was for the tank. He came down stairs and took over. After he went back up to Rebel and yelled at her for not telling him that there wasn't a "leak" there was a "puddle" or three... and why didn't she get him earlier to deal with things.
He went and found a shop vac and vacuumed up the water that I didn't manage to scoop up off the floor.

I got a fan going on the floor and hope my new floor isn't going to be damaged. And someone at work is going to loan me a de humidifier so I can draw out the rest of the moisture from the basement. I think I am good and won't need an insurance claim on this one.

So now the question - tankless or tank? I have to decide quickly. One company told me I could have a new tank installed IN A WEEK! They're going to try and speed things up but who knows. Service isn't really job one for any of these companies. But I will check out one or two other sources.

Pretty much immediately on hearing there was no hot water RJ went to her Father's for a shower and decided to stay there til the tank is replaced. Rebel took her over there and had a shower too.

Apparently XSU hadn't done his taxes yet. Very strange behavior since he always does them long before deadline date. He was very cranky Rebel said. She said he didn't seem to want them around. They were going to take the dog with them, and at that he put his foot down. Cranky cranky. LOL.

In the meantime, while I wait for the water tank people, I can get a few other things done around the house. Or maybe I'll just watch The View.

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Anonymous said...

YIKES! This is one of the few reasons I am happy that my hot water heater is actually in a cupboard outside.

WTF is up with that *adult* child? Water is NEVER good. Do not walk but rather RUN and get assistance. sheesh. I hope that your floors survive this mess.

If I were replacing today and had the money I would go tankless. Energy savings can never be a bad thing.

In a week? Are they kidding? Are Hot Water Heaters rare in Canada and they have to send to China for one or something??
Of course, when my hwh went out last year I took way too many cold showers because it was quite a few days before it was resolved. At least the part was under warranty but I still put out a whack of money. Those bastards will get you one way or another.

Happy TGIF,
love and hugs,
~ b