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September 02, 2010

Hotels By Don't go there

A digression from the usual assorted bits I write here and I will now talk about a website that I believe is not doing the job it says it is supposed to do Apparently it's associated with Oh really? I gave the link up there but only as an FYI. Don't use them. Here's why.

So how is that a hotel that has a price of $113 a night ended up on a Visa at over $224 a night? That's over double the cost per night. Would I EVER pay that for a short vacation night? No, I wouldn't. So how is it that the printed rate on the web site gave me one price and then charged something completely differently? I'll tell you how. is perpetrating fraud. The website says one thing, and before you know it - a VISA bill comes in with a different number on it. Fraud, carpet bagging lying out and out snatch and grab.

Do NOT use when you are booking your own vacation or business trip. They will hose you, rip you off and more.

To add insult to injury - we had to cancel one night's stay. We did this well ahead of the trip and guess what? While the hotel is not charging for the night, wouldn't take even that off their outrageously out line visa charge. Well, we fought that one, and they did decide to remove the one night - at the HOTEL'S rate of $113 a night and not the ridiculously inflated rate they charged us of over $225 a night.

Seems to me if it walks like a thieving duck and talks like a thieving duck it IS a thieiving duck. Stay away. Stay very far away.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! What a rip-off. I hope that this gets settled in your favour and soon.

I don't know how we book hotels. Rudy just tells me where we are staying. tee hee! That works for me. He knows how I feel about the motel 6 so it is all good.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!
love and hugs,
~ b