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November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tales: In which Kate is without Karl & the girlfriends plan a grilling.

Kate was spending the weekend alone. Karl was off with a group of his friends on a road trip to a Steelers game in Cinncinati. While she was enjoying her time alone and finally catching up with several friends Kate realized that life was changing for her. There used to be a time when she was home alone a lot, or conversely frantically keeping busy with board meetings, dinners out or visiting friends. Since she and Karl had become an item, Kate enjoyed having a man around and she was missing him now that he was out of town. This was the first time in months that they were not speaking to each other on a daily basis. Karl's refusal to get even cheap cell phone meant that there was radio silence between them. A cute kind of quirky thing of Karl's meant no contact.

During her marriage Kate and her husband rarely did things together and she was used to being a solo act, but lying in bed on Saturday evening, Kate thought, "I miss him. I really miss him. This is new." Kate realized that she was learning how to be part of a couple again, and now that she was paired up again, it meant something when Karl wasn't there to talk with and share moments.

"Three nights without contact, and I am going a little squirrely," thought Kate as she sat at her dining room table sorting through photographs. "I love that I have time to get through these pictures, but frankly, I'd rather be with Karl having a sip of scotch and watching a movie."

Kate's good friend Vania was over for dinner on Sunday evening and complained," I came over for dinner expecting to finally meet your Karl and you tell me he's at some football game in Cincinnati? Well, when am I going to meet this man?" To say she was disappointed would not be inaccurate. And indeed Kate had to find a way to introduce Karl to her dearest women friends, many of whom were busy single women. She and Vania sat over dinner plotting ways to introduce Karl to "the girls" "Just line him up at the front of the living room, and we'll grill him! " laughed Vania. She was only half kidding.

Vania and Kate's friend Lily had been there from the get-go when her Ex, who shall remain without a name, started the ball on the news that he wanted out of their marriage. Vania was glad Kate finally accepted the separation. Her Ex was not a happy man, nor was he Kate's type at all. She and Lily could never understand what it was that attracted Kate to this rude, condescending man. She would grill Karl all right, because as she and Lily had discussed endlessly, Kate had dealt with enough and deserved better. It seemed that Karl might be "the one" but not officially until the grilling session had taken place.

He'd better be ready for them.

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blondie16 said...

aw. Poor Kate.

Great story once again. I love the Adventures of Kate and Karl. Keep writing!

love ya!
~ b

p.s. word{s} up over at the manor today. Amazing, right?