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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

November 14, 2009

Cloud White and a week full of whatever

As far as weeks go it's been all right.  I broke a light bulb inside the brand new range hood.  Can you see me rolling my eyes?  TattooYou handy painter guy was over and he fixed that up for me.  Main floor and upstairs hall way all painted now except for the Cloud White trim.  And who knew!?!  If I was at all into decorating - which I am not - and if I ever read any of those home design magazines - which I never do - I might have known that Benjamin Moore Cloud White is the "white to beat all white " paints.  Thank goodness for the nice designer lady from the LaZBoy Galleries store who told me "It has to be Cloud White trim you'll love it."  Seems rather silly to think that a paint colour is famous.

Rebel Junior had a party this evening.  I figured there would be noise and loud music til late late.  The kids are all gone and she is in bed before me and I am the one who has to be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for a Finance Committee meeting of one of my boards.  I am pretty sure there was alcohol involved but I couldn't see it and all seemed to be relatively civil for which I couldn't fault them. I didn't insinuate myself too much but enough for them to know I was around.  RJ does have a decent bunch of friends and even the guys weren't too dorky  They were actually pretty friendly.  All is quiet now.

When RJ first mentioned her party I told her no and to go have her party at her dad's house.  For whatever reason she said she'd rather have it at my place - it's easier to get to on the bus since most of her friends don't live near us, and secondy apparently my house is nicer. seriously.

Okay... I'll take that.  It might change next week,  I am not going to have parties here every weekend though.  I actually count on RJ going to her dad's so I can have some peace and quiet. 

XSU did barge his way into the house once this week.  I took him by surprise by being here.  And so again I asked him why he was in the house.  He wanted to take the desk top computer and do something with it.  It crashed a couple of weeks ago - lost everything on the hard drive  He wanted to do soemthing to it since the rebuild.  Once again I told him to ask permission ahead of time before walking into *my* house.  He took the computer and left without a word.


Rudy said...

yeah, check for spy software and keystroke loggers before you use it for anything.

and dang girl, change those locks and the garage opener

Lily on the Road said...

you took the words (typed of course) right out of my mouth Rudy...

change those LOCKS!!!

and why does HE need to fix the computer, there are people who do that for a living!

MarieA said...

oh goodness XSU doesn't HAVE keys. I have news doors and locks on the house. He comes in with RJ. She lets him in. And I am not going to say anything to her because she shoudn't be put in that position with her father. He's taking advatnage of her in this way.
He needs to hear it from me himself. Yeah... that deswk top - something he had built - if he wants to have it fixed - okay - but on my rules and say so is how he arranges to pick it up or drop it off.

Lily on the Road said...

Thanks for clarifying ~ He certainly is taking advantage, and you are correct in not having JR in the middle, however, she should be aware that he should not be using her in such a manner.

Better yet, HE should be made aware and I know that is exactly what you are trying to do....