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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

February 14, 2010

Sunday Snippets

Happy Valentine's Day.
I am going to make Red Velvet Cake. I do every year. This year though, I am making cupcakes instead of a layer cake. They are going to work for a treat with my team and others who work near my library. I pay off IT Support and translators. It helps in crunch times.

RJ has landed safely in France. There was one mishap with her luggage. She took a container of Starbucks Hot Chocolate for Frenchy and I neglected to put it into a ziploc bag. It exploded inside her suitcase, which is very soft sided and yeah... chocolate powder all over everything. What a way to start a three month stay. Her exchange mom was pretty cool - she already does laundry for 4 children and took it all in stride. But still... that was a bad mom move on my part.

I am putting pressure on Rebel's BF to get out of my house. I've asked him for rent again and he walked off in a huff. I told him I would speak to his boss this week if he didn't pay me and perhaps his boss could come to an arrangement with me instead. Let's just say that neither he nor Rebel took it well. heh heh heh. I don't see him looking too hard to get his own place either. I am not sure what part of "I am tired of you being in my house and I want you and the dog out before the end of this month" he doesn't understand. I told him that my daughter has no say in the subject and he needed to man up in a big way.

The rest of the country has a day off tomorrow. Various provincial holidays across the country. We in the federal government don't have this in our collective agreement so off to work I go. The place will be half empty so I am hoping to get caught up. Budget and planning has been preoccupying me and my office is as messy as my house. We have a pancake breakfast marketing event in the library every year and Tuesday is the day. Mardi Gras Pancake Tuesday. It's become a tradition and my team and our clients look forward to it. I even manage to show up at work at 7 AM when most of the bodies seem to be there.

It's also Reading Week this week at the college so I won't be teaching. I can get some course work done. And if I am really lucky, I might go skating with Lily on the Road. Weather pending. Note to self. Get the ice skates sharpened up! Have a good week.

I Heart you all. (all three or four of you!)


MarieA said...

okay... so why isn't my hyperlink to Lily's blog underlined? There is a link but who'd know!?!? argh.. BLOGGER makes me crazy some days...

Lily on the Road said...

I *heart* you too. You're linked to me, you just might have to go into your settings and change the link's there if you want help, let me know.

Have a great quiet work day tomorrow, I just came back from skating on our community centre ice rink ~ FANTABULOUS....

Happy VD!!!

Rudy said...

Happy VD everyone