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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

July 02, 2010

Neighbours and Ghosts

Buttons the dog and I went for a walk on Canada Day and had a chat with one of the neighbours. I used to ride the bus with him daily before I changed jobs and he retired. He and his wife were going to sell their house shortly after but never did. I wondered about that but wasn't sure what happened. Every now and again I'd see them on the porch or driving by and would wave.

Well today I found out as we chatted that his wife died rather suddenly during the winter. I was shocked. Never knew. I looked up her obituary and saw that it was quite small, and not a lot written about her. I swear I am going to write my own obituary and put it somewhere where my family can find it. It seems to sad to not remark on who someone was during their life . Just the facts and nothing else? Who were they? What was their passion? But these teeny obituaries are so sad I find.

I digress.

I always thought if I was ever to get involved with someone - a wife long gone, or even just gone, would be preferential to dealing with an ex. Call me weird. Or worse, someone who'd never been married - unless he was 30 ish and had great abs, because a good set of abs would not be too shabby... - oh...

I digress again.

And look what falls into my lap? A widower five doors away. Two daughters gone from the nest - he is a grandad and he tells me one daughter calls him every day driving him nuts asking if he ate dinner. Apparently she comes by and does the white glove test to see how clean his house his. (note to self don't invite her over!) So... do I ask him to to Bluesfest or Chamber Fest? I recall he used to listen to opera on his mp3 player. Maybe just a movie. We both like good beer and scotch too, and really, isn't this all that is needed to build a relationship? Booze, music and eventually the booze loosens you up and neither of us has to drive..... and what a great way to get the other neighbours wagging their tongues.

A neighbour, memories of a good marriage with a lovely wife, gone - no negative baggage. I even know for a fact that he had a very good relationship with his own dad. He's a bit older than XSU, but really doesn't look it - at all. House paid, good pension - and the possibility of .... a good scotch once in awhile.

yeah.... that's the ticket. As long as the ghost of his wife doesn't haunt this could become interesting.


Anonymous said...

YES! You do invite him. You can never have too many friends or too many people to do different things with. Invite him. And have fun.
Oh. And don't forget to blog about it. LOL!

love and hugs,
~ b

Rudy said...

Here, here!

Do invite and do have a good time.


Anonymous said...

I'm out on this one, but, do you find him,

a) interesting ~ check
b) socially acceptable ~ check
c) attractive in the biblical sense???
d) someone who you can just have fun with and not expect a "commitment"? (for now?),

Well, what the hell at least you know where he lives!

let us know.......I'll live vicariously through you in the interim....