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I've been blogging for a few years now. Sometimes sporadically sometimes daily, but almost regularly. I have finally separated from XSU and starting to live a new life on my own. The original blog helped me get through the painful process of the end of the marriage, along with some bumpy roads dealing with a critically ill child in the midst of the end of marriage mess. Now this blog will see me through the new paths and adventures that life has to offer. Restructuring my life. My way. My experiences, ventings, musings on that whole big and not so big deal.

April 03, 2011

It's been awhile

Yes dear readers, it's been awhile since I posted. A month it appears! I've been busy. And when I haven't been busy, the damn laptop keeps fritzing out. Dell~ I loved you but not so much, even with your lovely redness! sigh. So I hve a friend running diagnostics on it and I keep bringing dinner to his place for his wife and my favourite kids books (Paperbag Princess for starters) for their babies. In a few short paragraphs this has been my life so far. Still spending a lot of time with VNN. He's been in Florida the last week and won't be home til around the 14th or 15th of April. Surprisingly, I am missing him. A LOT! He calls me every couple of days before bedtime, so we have a lot of what shall I call it,.... phone sex? In a way I am glad he did leave town, because frankly, I am not as young as I used to be and I have sore muscles in places I didn't remember having muscles. It's a good rest to rejuvenate for when he gets back! Though not sure I'll be able to cope! I applied for a job. I didn't get the job. I am okay with it. I heard through a variety of sources that the presentation I did in front of the staff was the best out of all of them. The interview - not great I don't think, so I am not surprised I didn't get through. No worries, I still like what I do and think I'll be fine where I am. Rebel borrowed my car a week or so ago, and rear ended someone. This was accident number 4 I think. She wasn't hurt, just upset. And the car is fine. She didn't get her license until after surgery so I am not impressed. Not sure she'll be getting my car again. RJ is planning unversity and prom. She came back from the Dominican Republic and added over $375 roaming charges on her cell. Which I won't pay. She may have to borrow a prom dress. I have been teaching one course at University this term. Last day tomorrow. That was great fun. I hope to do it again next fall. AND I am taking French conversation two mornings a week to get up to management level. That's okay except we start at 8 AM. So I have to be at work at 7:30 AM to catch my ride with the other two girls. These early morning wake up calls are killing me. All is quiet on the Reconstruction Front. I like it that way. I'll do what I can to

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Anonymous said...

Busy, busy!!\\Your Life is never dull is it?

Glad you are having a great time...


WordVer, denclean....glad there aren't any reno's going on...LOL